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The Band:

Zuzana Yoloxochitl Beránková
Hana Blažíková
bass guitar
Eliška Kohoutová (Elda)
guitar + song writer
Ing. Jirka Fucker Atlet
drums, joints & alcohol


Two sisters (Hana+Zuzana) and one cousin (Elda) accompanied by a drummer (of either sex), all of them citizens of Czech Republic´s capitol Prague. Officially was the band created in the summer of 2002, but the whole idea was founded a long time ago. Starting as an all-female punkrock grunge band with a speck of a feministic gender-bender attitude, being compared to riot girrl punk bands even though their relation to this movement is rather metaphoric. The band has been going through a series of drummer replacements. The stability of the band is maintained by the family base mentioned above. StillKnox plays its own music with a few covers from Hole, Nick Cave etc. The lyrics are mostly in English. The name "StillKnox" comes from a favorite sleeping pill called Stilnox and stands for all kinds of idioms. The band plays gigs in (local) clubs, at festivals and all sorts of venues accross Czech republic, for all kinds of events, including benefits that ´ve got something to do with gender issues. For an example their songs are aired on Church of girl internet radio -Radiostars, nevertheless, Stillknox music isn´t radiofriendly and being an outsider to the mainstream and staying underground is an intention.

Official contact:

Eliska Kohoutova
phone +420 606 411 401

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